Traffic Impact Studies

An integral component of long-term community planning is ensuring the travel demands of these new growth areas can be accommodated adequately. We have an unrivalled depth of knowledge in this practice area and will work with your project team to ensure a sufficient amount of roadway capacity is provided in appropriate locations. 

Sample Project:

Our firm was engaged by the Town of Kentville, Kings County, and the NS Dept. of Transportation to carry out a long-term transportation planning study for a large future development area in west Kentville, adjacent to the Highway 101 Exit 14 interchange. Assuming a full build-out scenario, the needed roadway infrastructure for the Park Street corridor (including 10 intersections) were identified as well as the key connection points of the future collector streets needed to serve the traffic demands of the new development area. This long-term road network plan provided the road agencies with information to begin preserving road/intersection rights-of-way.

Transportation Planning Studies

traffic engineering specialists

adding value to your project.

Our firm has a reputation of providing quality traffic engineering expertise to both private sector and public road agency clients. The key to this success is the fact we maintain regular communication with you throughout the course of your project to ensure the most efficient yet effective road infrastructure solution is put in place.

Sample Project:

Working with a private land developer, we successfully completed an impact study for a proposed gas station, convenience, coffee shop, and retail store development in Antigonish, NS. Both municipal and provincial road agencies were involved in the review and approval process to ensure the site access was located an appropriate distance from the roundabout and that the required auxiliary turn lanes could be accommodated without impacting the traffic operations at the new Highway 104 interchange.

Road Safety Studies

Senior members of our firm will work closely with your road agency to thoroughly examine safety concerns associated with your road facility - whether it be an intersection, pedestrian/bicycle facility or toll plaza. Root causal factors will be identified, and when known, customized sets of safety countermeasures can then be suggested that specifically target these causal factors.

Sample Project:

In 2015, our senior road safety specialist was tasked with completing an in-service road safety and risk assessment of a recently opened intersection in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). Working with sparse data, the safety review also considered operating speeds, traffic operations, driver behaviour, and intersection geometry. The findings flowing from the study were used to identify three sets of mitigating solutions (short, medium and long term). HRM has since begun implementing the recommendations of this study.