Traffic Engineering

We have the expertise to identify when and where optimal roadway infrastructure is needed on your project; including  turning lanes, modern roundabouts, and traffic signals.

Featured Services

The GRIFFIN transportation group is a Nova Scotia based engineering consultancy specializing solely in traffic engineering, transportation planning, and road safety reviews. It's because of this specific focus area that we are able to offer high-quality technical expertise and guidance to our clients.

Our Advantages

Applying industry best practices

traffic engineering specialists

adding value to your project.

Local knowledge and expertise

Road Safety Reviews

Reviewing the safety performance of new and existing road facilities in order to maximize operational efficiency yet minimize the safety risks for its users.

Transportation Planning

Using development forecasts, we work with your team to identify where long term roadway facilities should be located to best serve the expected travel demand. 

  • Traffic impact studies & statements
  • Traffic signal warrants
  • Traffic signal timing optimization
  • Intersection capacity analysis
  • Trip generation surveys and forecasts
  • Roundabout planning & pre-design
  • Road safety risk assessments
  • Pedestrian & bicycle facility planning